Accuracy ElixirAdvanced Accuracy ElixirAdvanced Armor Elixir
Advanced Attribute ElixirAdvanced Health PotionAerosiderite Crystal
Aerosiderite NormalAerosiderite PowderAerosiderite Splintered
Ancient ChestAnti-magic Leather RollArcane Chailbreaker Shoulderguard
Arcane Masonic ShoulderguardArmorArtisan Elixir
Baneful Chainbreaker ShoulderplateBaneful Masonic ShoulderplateBeneful Angel's Light Helmet
Beneful Angel's Light ShoulderplateBeneful Lesser Helmet of GuileBlood Knight
Bone Breaker CuirassBowBronze Chain
Bronze IngotBronze Nail PlateClasses
Claymore IClaymore IIIClaymore of Madness IV
CompanionsConsumablesCopper Ingot
Copper Nail PlateCrystal Grain YarnDark Despair Cuirass
Dark Lore Cowl IDeadly Claymore IDeadly Claymore II
Deadly Double Swords IIDeadly Greataxe IDeadly Greataxe II
Deadly Longbow IDeadly Longbow IIDeadly Magic Staff I
Deadly Magic Staff IIDeadly Rifle IDeadly Staff I
Devout Angel's Light ShoulderwingsDevout Chainbreaker ShoulderguardDevout Masonic Shoulderguard
Divine EssenceDouble PistolsDryad's Cowl
Dryad's GlovesElfElixirs
Experience PotionFallen Star Cuirass IFists
FoesplitterFragment of the Artist's HeartGiant Killer's Boots
Giant Killer's HelmetGoblin Hunter's GauntletsGoblin Hunter's Helmet
Grand Accuracy ElixirGreataxeGreater Defensive Charm
Greater Empowerment CharmGreater Enpowerment CharmGreater Vitality Charm
Greater Wellness CharmGreatswordGuides
Halberd of Madness IIIHard PlateHealth Potion
Health Potion IIHeavy ArmorHeavy Armor Chest
Heavy Armor FeetHeavy SilkHuman
Invicium NailInvicium NormalInvicium Powder
Invicium SplinteredItemsKing's Crown
KratanLegendary ChestLegendary Claymore
Legendary Double SwordsLegendary GauntletsLegendary Greataxe
Legendary HalberdLegendary Health PotionLegendary Longbow
Legendary Magic PistolsLegendary Magic ScepterLegendary Magic Staff
Legendary MaulLegendary Mystical ClaymoreLegendary Mystical Double Swords
Legendary Mystical GauntletsLegendary Mystical GreataxeLegendary Mystical Halberd
Legendary Mystical LongbowLegendary Mystical Magic ScepterLegendary Mystical Magic Staff
Legendary Mystical MaulLegendary Mystical PistolsLegendary Mystical Rifle
Legendary Mystical ScepterLegendary Mystical StaffLegendary Mystical Sword and Shield
Legendary PistolsLegendary RifleLegendary Scepter
Legendary StaffLegendary Sword and ShieldLegendary Wild Beast Greataxe
Legendary Wild Beast HalberdLegendary Wild Beast LongbowLegendary Wild Beast Magic Staff
Legendary Wild Beast MaulLegendary Wild Beast RifleLegendary Wild Beast Staff
Level 45 Legendary WeaponsLight ArmorLight Armor Chest
Light Armor ShoulderLinenLongbow II
Lottery Heritage WeaponsLucky CrossMage
Magic Thunderburst Pistols IMaulMendel
Middle ArmorMindmancer ScrollMonk
NPCsNick's Magic TokenNick's Treasure Hall
Nicks's Magic TokenOgre Slayer's GauntletsOgre Slayer's Helmet
Only a DreamOrcOrder and Chaos: Redemption Wikia
Pair WeaponsPep Up PotionPolearm
Raw InviciumRed OxideRed Oxide Crystal
Red Oxide NormalRifleRose Water Pure
Speed PotionStaffStarFire Halberd IV
StarFire Halberd VStoryline QuestSuperior Chest
SwordSword and ShieldThunderburst Gauntlets I
Thunderburst Greataxe IThunderburst Rifle IThunderburst Sword and Shield I
Two-Handed WeaponsValiant Angel's Light HelmetValiant Angel's Light Shoulderplate
Valiant Masonic ShoulderplateVirgin Dawnwatch ColadaVitality Charm
WarriorWarrior's BootsWeapons
Wellness CharmWild Chainbreaker ShoulderplateWild Masonic Shoulderplate
File:Accuracy Elixir.pngFile:Advaced Accuracy Elixir.pngFile:Advanced Armor Elixir.png
File:Advanced Attribute Elixir.pngFile:Advanced Health Potion.pngFile:Aerosiderite Crystal.png
File:Aerosiderite Normal.pngFile:Aerosiderite Powder.pngFile:Aerosiderite Splintered.png
File:Anti-magic Leather Roll.pngFile:Artisan Elixir.pngFile:Beneful Angel's Light Helmet.png
File:Beneful Angel's Light Shoulderplate.pngFile:Beneful Lesser Helmet of Guile.pngFile:Blood Knight icon.png
File:Blood Knight male.pngFile:Bone Breaker Cuirass.pngFile:Bronze Chain.png
File:Bronze Ingot.pngFile:Bronze Nail Plate.pngFile:Claymore of Madness IV.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Copper Ingot.pngFile:Copper Nail Plate.png
File:Crystal Grain Yarn.pngFile:Dark Despair Cuirass.pngFile:Dark Lore Cowl I.png
File:Devout Angel's Light Shoulderwings.pngFile:Divine Essence.pngFile:Divine Shield.png
File:Dragon Kick.pngFile:Dryad's Cowl.pngFile:Dryad's Gloves.png
File:Earthquake Punch.pngFile:Elf female.pngFile:Elf male.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Experience Potion.pngFile:Fallen Star Cuirass I.png
File:Foesplitter.pngFile:Fragment of the Artist's Heart.pngFile:Giant Killer's Boots.png
File:Giant Killer's Helmet.pngFile:Goblin Hunter's Gauntlets.pngFile:Goblin Hunter's Helmet.png
File:Grand Accuracy Elixir.pngFile:Greater Defensive Charm.pngFile:Greater Empowerment Charm.png
File:Halberd of Madness III.pngFile:Hard Plate.pngFile:Health Potion.png
File:Health Potion II.pngFile:Heavy Silk.pngFile:Human female.png
File:Human male.PNGFile:Img-thing.jpgFile:Invicium Nail.png
File:Invicium Normal.pngFile:Invicium Powder.pngFile:Invicium Splintered.png
File:King's Crown.pngFile:Kratan.pngFile:Legendary Claymore.png
File:Legendary Health Potion.pngFile:Legendary Rifle.pngFile:Linen.png
File:Lucky Cross.pngFile:Mage (1).pngFile:Mage (10).png
File:Mage (11).pngFile:Mage (12).pngFile:Mage (13).png
File:Mage (3).pngFile:Mage (4).pngFile:Mage (5).png
File:Mage (6).pngFile:Mage (7).pngFile:Mage (8).png
File:Mage (9).pngFile:Mage icon.pngFile:Mage male.png
File:Mantis Slash.pngFile:Mendel female.pngFile:Mendel male.png
File:Monk (1).pngFile:Monk (10).pngFile:Monk (11).png
File:Monk (12).pngFile:Monk (2).pngFile:Monk (3).png
File:Monk (4).pngFile:Monk (5).pngFile:Monk (8).png
File:Monk (9).pngFile:Monk icon.pngFile:Monk male.png
File:Nick's Magic Token.pngFile:OC2 header.pngFile:Ogre Slayer's Gauntlets.png
File:Ogre Slayer's Helmet.pngFile:Orc female.pngFile:Orc male.png
File:Order&Chaos 2 - LvL30 Monk - Instant QuestFile:Pep Up Potion.pngFile:Polearm01.png
File:Question.jpgFile:Ranger icon.pngFile:Ranger male.png
File:Raw Invicium.pngFile:Red Oxide.pngFile:Red Oxide Crystal.png
File:Red Oxide Normal.pngFile:Rose Water Pure.pngFile:SC (11).png
File:SC (12).pngFile:SC (13).pngFile:SC (14).png
File:SC (15).pngFile:SC (16).pngFile:SC (18).png
File:SC (19).pngFile:SC (2).pngFile:SC (20).png
File:SC (21).pngFile:SC (22).pngFile:SC (23).png
File:SC (24).pngFile:SC (25).pngFile:SC (26).png
File:SC (27).pngFile:SC (28).pngFile:SC (29).png
File:SC (3).pngFile:SC (30).pngFile:SC (31).png
File:SC (32).pngFile:SC (33).pngFile:SC (34).png
File:SC (35).pngFile:SC (36).pngFile:SC (37).png
File:SC (38).pngFile:SC (39).pngFile:SC (4).png
File:SC (40).pngFile:SC (41).pngFile:SC (42).png
File:SC (43).pngFile:SC (44).pngFile:SC (45).png
File:SC (46).pngFile:SC (47).pngFile:SC (48).png
File:SC (5).pngFile:SC (50).pngFile:SC (51).png
File:SC (52).pngFile:SC (53).pngFile:SC (54).png
File:SC (55).pngFile:SC (56).pngFile:SC (57).png
File:SC (58).pngFile:SC (59).pngFile:SC (6).png
File:SC (60).pngFile:SC (61).pngFile:SC (62).png
File:SC (63).pngFile:SC (64).pngFile:SC (65).png
File:SC (66).pngFile:SC (67).pngFile:SC (68).png
File:SC (69).pngFile:SC (7).pngFile:SC (8).png
File:SC (9).pngFile:Serenity.pngFile:Speed Potion.png
File:Sprit Storm.pngFile:Tiger and Crane.pngFile:Valiant Angel's Light Helmet.png
File:Valiant Angel's Light Shoulderplate.pngFile:Virgin Dawnwatch Colada.pngFile:Vitality Charm.png
File:Warrior icon.pngFile:Warrior male.pngFile:Wellness Charm.png

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